The Sample Doctor™ is a company that exists solely for the purposes of enabling music creators to avoid the shortcomings of utilizing samples in their songs. These shortcomings can often include rightsholder denials, expensive licensing fees, the need for ongoing royalty payments in perpetuity (forever), and substandard audio quality.

We are a team of industry professionals with trained ears and decades of studio experience who specialize in replaying, and if necessary, altering samples to avoid these issues. We can craft material that allows music creators to bypass the need for sample clearances altogether, often improving on the sound of the source material, and with rapid-fire turnaround, usually within 72 hours.

Most importantly, all of our work is done on a "work-for-hire" basis, with a one-time only upfront fee that allows music creators to retain complete ownership of their composition and its related publishing -- with no further payment due to us.

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