Our terms are easy and straightforward. All of our work is done to make the production and commercial release of sample-based material effortless and worry-free. All of our production requires a one-time, non-refundable payment only (work-for-hire), and we require no production credit. Finished work is usually rendered within 72 hours.

Granted, we're not cheap -- but we're much less expensive than paying a lawyer and a sample clearance fee. And we're definitely less costly than ignoring the need to clear a sample and getting caught, having the finished product pulled from stores and online retailers, and getting sued (the maximum penalty for federal copyright infringement is $150k per infraction). That's a lot of loot and unnecessary drama for something that can be handled professionally out of the gate -- and for a fraction of the cost!


Rates start at $5000 USD per replay, in full and in advance. Extremely complex arrangements, or those requiring the services of vocal talent, may cost more. These rates are non-negotiable, though discounts will be considered for requests of multiple replays in the same job order.

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